Sexuality and the Church

Sexuality and the Church

Apparently, everything is bigger in Texas, including our sexual appetite. Not only is Austin the Live Music Capital of the World — it’s also the “Capital of Copulation,” at least according to Men’s Health magazine’s October 2010 issue.  The magazine cites Austin’s #1 ranking based on categories like condom sales, birth rates, sex toy sales, and rates of STDs.

Sex Happens Here

How does sexual and spiritual curiosity mix for a church like Gateway in Austin, TX?

Sexual experimentation has been a part of the American culture for many decades. There are more than a few thrills found in this experiment. However, there are also damaged relationships, struggles with security, brokenness, and frustrations.  As a church we are open to exploring the area of sexuality and spirituality.  We want everyone to experience true sexual wholeness and lasting fulfillment in their relationships.

Watch this short film about the thrill, but concern, over our sexuality

How can we find sexual fulfillment and wholeness?

Check out the following messages we presented during a Sunday morning series entitled, ‘Let’SEXpress’. The five messages focused on different audiences for sexual understanding and experience: God Sex, Married Sex, Single Sex, Unfaithful Sex and Same Sex.

The message on same sex attraction is particularly interesting. There is a very entangled history around this topic in the recent past. Be sure and watch long enough to hear directly from three people at Gateway who have same-sex attraction and how they are engaging the issue for themselves.

God Sex (audio)

Married Sex (audio)

Single Sex (audio)

Unfaithful Sex (audio)

Same Sex – Message Below (at 16:00 minutes hear three peoples stories of same sex relationships and their experience in church.)

How have you dealt with the area of sexuality in your church or ministry?  What are the common cultural realities you are hearing about right now in the area of sexuality? How is the church handling this issue well and how is it struggling?

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Kirby, one of our ministers attended the Group Matter conference and he said you may be able to point me in the right direction. My pastor is looking for resources on how to minister to a homosexual? Could you forward me some resources or names of authors of materials. Blessings, Lori

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