Church Growth. Or Missional Church Growth?

Church Growth. Or Missional Church Growth?

How does rapid population growth in a city affect local church growth? Austin, TX is one of the fastest growing cities in the country in the last decade.

The 2000 US Gov’t Census of Austin, TX had 1,249,763 people living in the greater Austin area.  The 2010 US Gov’t Census data shows 1,716,289 people now living in greater Austin.  This is a 37.3% population increase.

It is possible that out of the 500,000 new people moving here that many of them are Christ followers looking to connect into local churches. Church growth is happening. But is it? Is it just ‘sheep’ swapping transfer growth.

A better indicator for church growth is through the stories of people who have come ‘out of the culture’ of your city as someone far from God and is now following Jesus. When people are being baptized into the church community as people previously un-churched then the church is really on mission.

Consider your church growth. Is your city growing? Are Christ followers just looking for a faith community in their new city?  Or are you hearing stories of people ‘out of the culture’ following Christ and being baptized in your church?

Don’t just grow your church. Be on mission as a church.

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