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Director of Slavic Partnerships

I am a co-founder of the mission's organization Storyline and the Director of Slavic Partnerships. My role in Storyline is to accelerate missionary sending from Slavic countries like Russia and Ukraine. I have ten years experience doing ministry in Russia. I have a bachelors degree in Russian Language and Area Studies from Texas Tech University. I speak Russian. I am currently working on my Master of Arts in Global Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary.

A new mission movement is beginning. We are witnessing the greatest non-western mission’s movement in history. The mission field in many parts of the world is producing a powerful mission force. And with this seismic change, new strategies are emerging. These strategies will require humility, courage, and the willingness to take risks in order to serve the global church as sending nations. Western Christians must embrace a new mission’s paradigm, and adopt an empowering posture for sending the global church.

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About Me

No Perfect People Allowed at Church

I am wicked tall. Not only do I see from great heights as a human I also enjoy seeing the great things God is up to in the world. I live in Austin but am often daydreaming about Russia, where I lived for many years. I believe in the power of community. I think people are a masterpiece hidden under the mud of brokenness in their lives. Through a faith community of grace, hope, and growth everyone can become a masterpiece of God’s design. I am married to Meredith and together have four kids. I like dark chocolate and riding my mountain bike.

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I live in Austin, Texas the self proclaimed 'Live Music Capital of the World.' After a decade here my family and I are now considered locals. I continue to serve as a pastor at Gateway Church. My wife and four kids are my favorite relationships. I love to mountain bike with my dog Sabaka.


I lived, studied and worked in Moscow, Volgograd, and Samara, Russia for a total of five years. I have also traveled to St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and Ekaterinburg. I speak an intermediate level of Russian and even passed the Russian university entrance exam for foreign students.


I lived in Tallinn, Estonia for a year and love the ancient medieval old town and quietly confident people. I am grateful for my ongoing friendships there. I have also made several trips to the capital city of Helskinki, Finland. One of my sons learned to walk in central Finland near the town of Tampere.

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